Did you see me sneaking out ?

wehavemovedYou’ve been a follower of this fine, sacred place for maybe a short time or maybe a long time. Whatever the duration I’ve been very grateful for the effort that you made to follow or subscribe, or maybe both. Well, the obvious point to make is that I’ve left this sacred place and I’d love to take you with me to my new home if you feel it still adds something to your precious time.

You see, I have moved on in other ways. When I took the plunge all those years ago, I indulged in ‘thinking out loud‘ with a narrative that was all about changing HR for the better through satirical commentary, storytelling and a track record for pulling no punches. I went after CEOs, Recruiters, HR Business Partners, Marketers, L&Ders and other assorted workplace villains with a vengeance. My common theme was that in recognising the absurdity and futility of our long held HR and workplace customs and practices could we start the process of reforming ourselves for the better. I’ve never been subtle.

I’m now at a point where my little humble portfolio career is in the corrective action game and therefore with a new website (barryflack.co.uk) up and running, that’s where you’ll find me blogging. A little bit more grown up but with the all the editorial licence to keeping it real and guff-free. And finally, as an advocate of engaging, conversing and trying to add as much value as possible to the progressive people who stop by, read and ponder then I’m making use of the wonderful world of automation to help with that process. So if you want to keep engaged, see the blogs as they roll out, receive valuable 3rd party content, event invites then subscribe to my newsletter by clicking on the subscribe link below :


If it’s goodbye then I want to thank you for the times you gave me the confidence to carry on writing even when the postbox was full of expletives from scorned agency recruiters.

Until next time. I’m not dead !

p.s If you feel you have a challenge relating to New Ways of Working then I’m confident I’ll have the tools, technology partners and network to help. So just hit reply to drop me an email and let’s chat.




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