Nurture your recruiters and they’ll nurture your candidates.

beamery logoThe historic perception of recruitment needs changing. Scan LinkedIn publisher on any given day and you’ll see some of the most active posts get there by landing a haymaker on recruiters’ chins. Everyone’s pantomime villain with no barrier to entry, the story of course is much more complex. I’m of the firm belief that nobody is born an evil recruiter but I can say that without nurturing that person through their development to remain relevant, you’ll limit massively their ability to successfully nurture the candidate in return. Get the best out of your people, culture and don’t waste the value proposition opportunity that I stand firmly behind – namely recruitment, when done right, is a craft and remains the number one driver of any people initiative a business can focus on. Given the Generalist heritage of your average HRD, Heads of Recruitment will have to just continue dripfeeding this brilliant piece of research at every part of the annual budget process.

craft is a pastime or a profession that requires particular skills and knowledge of skilled work.”

One of the best ways to signal the obvious intent to those hard-working people of recruitment that we are investing in their craft is the deployment of the right relevant technology. A positive step change in behaviour can be perfectly aligned on the back of a Technology upgrade so use it. I pulled no punches in my first article of the series “Why a CRM is probably the best investment you’ll make this year” and in this context it supports the team’s evolving and more interesting role, widening skillset and erodes the manual grunt work that no recruiter enjoys doing. What’s not to like.

In fact, did you know humans are naturally hardwired to predictability and this barrier to change is a big reason why so many fail. Having a dominant culture of ‘ hardens over time so creating a new aligned flow that produces more valuable and productive levels of predictability takes time, skill, leadership and a lot of effort. Holding your nerve becomes a new core competence for the way of working. Partner with a really good technology provider who not only possess a great product but care about the ecosystem their technology will thrive in to ensure the behavioural change is both sustainable (beyond the new shiny toy period of 3 months) and profitable (where the return on the new way of working erodes poor use of time and historic spend by the business).

By way of directing bad time investment to good, the technology of a CRM effectively buys recruitment teams some of the following personal benefits :

  • From sourcing inefficiently in silos or using expensive contingent agencies to creating the space to engage effectively with candidates through targeted messaging and connecting only with those most interested, prioritised by the system’s machine learning capability.
  • From branding being a further investment line for another agency in another part of the already stretched recruitment budget to a self-service capability creating attractive landing pages for engaging campaigns and recruitment events with technology that records talent promoter scores and candidate experience sentiment in dashboard form.
  • From the time it takes to craft and track each individual candidate message to having the technology, complete with triggers, templates and timings to effectively engage at scale but still in a highly targeted manner.
  • Finally, from spending too much time on countless data entry admin without the ability to share across the team to a CRM that does this for you as a single source of truth and allows the recruiter to use their craft and artistry to convert their nurtured candidate to applicant at the point of business need, quicker than historically.

Everything you need to nurture your candidates is within your grasp with the evolving CRM technology on offer. Everything you need to nurture the recruiters in your team starts with a narrative on how best to utilise the time and productivity offered which in turn allows them to do what they want to do, better – nurturing the candidate relationship.

Until next time. What are you waiting for? Technology helps nurture your recruiters. Their craft depends on it.


Tactics to source, attract and engage world class candidates

Tune in as I host a panel of world class recruiting experts to unleash wit, wisdom and hiring tips galore in a Beamery sponsored webinar on the 1st September. I’m excited to chair a discussion on tactics to source, attract and engage the candidates that aren’t applying.

Pleased to be joined by:

  • Sam Ramsey, Head of Resourcing & Employer Brand at House of Fraser.
  • Charu Malhotra, Global Employer Brand & Digital Channels Manager at Ferrero.
  • Jon Hull, Head of Resourcing at Carillion.

You can save your spot here.

P.S. Interested in learning more about how a Recruitment CRM can save time, reduce cost and improve quality of hire. Take a quick peek at Beamery

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